Internet Access Services

Why should you choose IntNet Serivces over that of our competitors? One word "Service"! IntNet provides national access across the US.

We offer dial-up, ISDN, DSL, Websites and full commercial T1-T3 access.
at 727-442-0114 or email and sign up right now!

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club or PayPal

We accept VISA, MasterCard for your convenience.

No Frills Dialup

    TRY IntNet's New No Frills Internet Access!
            Only $9.95 a month

  • No installation fees
  • 150 Hours per month
  • 3 free email boxes and more!

Dial up Internet Access

Offering Fast, Reliable, Convenient Personal Internet Service.

  • Spam Filter to remove almost all spam.
  • No PopUps are used by IntNet.
  • Email can be accessed from a web browser on the internet.
  • Live Tech Support.
  • We don't gather any information about the programs you use or web sites you visit.
  • We never sell or share our customer information - ever!
  • Sign up now with PayPal. It's fast, free and secure!

Please call our sales department BEFORE paying through PayPal, so we can set up an account.


Access your email from any browser on the internet.


Starting at $29.95/mo. dedicated (always on!)

Dedicated Commercial Accounts

IntNet specializes in commercial solutions! We can provide your company or school with a dedicated frame relay circuit to the Internet along with Firewall Security that suits your needs.

Co-Location Services

We have several selections to match our services with your needs. Please call for current charges.

Web Site Hosting

IntNet provides reliable web hosting with uninterrupted service. How?

  • Multiple backbones to the internet to ensure that your web site will remain online even if one connection or more goes down.
  • Our backup system ensures that your site stays up, even if the electricity goes down.
  • You can administer your own site.
  • In house design artist to customize your web design is available
  • Email can be accessed from a browser on the internet

Compare the differences of the three packages we offer to match your specific needs.

Call 727-442-0114 for more information or to sign up.

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No Frills Dialup
Dedicted Commercial

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